Akin, the Friendly Fiend

Akin, arcanaloth owner of The Friendly Fiend odds and ends shop.


Akin is known for being the best natured arcanaloth known pretty much anywhere. He runs a small shop selling magical goods and odds and ends just inside the Lower Ward on the edge of the Lady’s Ward. The thing that cutters find most disturbing about Akin is just how nice he is. To all appearances he is a genuinely friendly, pleasant, and polite guy and that facade, if it is one, has never cracked at least as far as anyone can remember.

Akin’s shop is known for carrying oddities from the cheap novelty to the exquisite one-of-a-kind antique items, and Akin is known for negotiating a fair, even low price. Sometimes even just giving a berk something they have their eye on outright, as a gift!


Akin, the Friendly Fiend

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