The Weekly Mephit!

The Weekly Mephit

Welcome. Welcome strangers!

Welcome to the stranger still! The Weekly Mephit is a place where your humble guides to the planes will post short articles to enlighten you to bits and bobs of planar knowledge. Sometimes it will be some darks about a distant plane, and others it will be a bit of cant.

This Week’s Mephit:

A steam mephit billows in with a note on planar cant.

Feb 1st – Steam Mephit note on cant

If you are going to work and live on the planes you need to understand the Cant. In Planescape planars, those native to the outer planes, have a particular dialect and vocabulary that is collectively referred to as the cant. In other words I want you clueless berks to know what a blood is going on about before he takes you conies for a ride!

The Weekly Mephit!

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