Feb 1st - Steam Mephit

Welcome friends,

It has come to my attention that you are new to our fair City of Doors, and might not be aware of all the complexities of the local dialect. Being a friendly sort I’ve decided to take it upon myself to educate those new to our city and perhaps help prevent tragic misunderstandings.

First of all you are likely to be called “clueless” or worse “berk.” Please don’t be too offended though both are somewhat rude, those that live here can become frustrated with the constant influx of new blood. Clueless simply means someone new to the planes whose ideas about the universe may be at odds with the realities of their situation. A berk is someone who has gotten into the unfortunate position to annoy or upset another or simply be unlucky, or hardheaded. Slightly less rude, depending on the use, is the term cony (Prime is the polite term). A cony generally refers to someone who is from a prime world, but also often is used to mean someone who is easily fooled.

You might hear someone call you a blood. Contrary to how it might sound this is actually a compliment, as a blood is generally accepted to be a tough or accomplished individual. Of course there are a huge variety of terms for the various planar races, organizations and factions, but I’ll save that for another note.

Feb 1st - Steam Mephit

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