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Around the Wheel!

As this is the launch point I’m going to keep the welcome to your wiki info below for reference for now and am just going to start with a few pages to start organizing things.

House Rules

An attempt to keep things strait on GM rulings as well as special feats and other ways we’ve decided to tweak the rules.

Bloods, Berks and the Clueless

The place to go when you’re wondering about NPCs you’ve met. Also a place for GMs to organize them as not everything will be shown to players’ eyes.

Kips and Where the Doors Lead

Places to go and places the party has been or has heard about.


The Weekly Mephit!

Hungry for more dark? The Weekly Mephit is a series of mostly weekly articles offering tidbits and other setting information in easily digestible chunks. Could be a bit of planar cant, or a few paragraphs on one of the planes or the Blood War or just about anything your GMs can come up with.

Doors Across the Net

Links to various Planescape resources on the internet generally for free. A place to learn more.

Coin for Knowledge

Links to where you can buy Planescape and D&D books as well as GM comments on each.

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Main Page

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